Japanese traditional art of woodblock printing
tradition and modern

Japanese Woodblock Printing

Woodblock printing has been passed down in Kyoto for no less than 1,200 years since it was introduced into Japan. Woodblock prints are still evolving.

Kenji Takenaka, Takenaka Woodblock Printing Studio

Born into the well-established Takenaka Woodblock Printing Studio that was established in the Meiji era. His father is contemporary master craftsman, Seihachi Takenaka, who is also involved int the reproduction of national treasures. He is a young artist whose pieces are owned the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Honolulu Academy of Arts as part of their Ukiyo-e collection. He is active in performing workshops around the world, striving to spread the skills of woodblock printing.

He is active in performing workshops around the world, striving to spread the skills of woodblock printing.

Inheriting traditional woodblock printing techniques and discovering new possibilities for the future of woodblock printing

Takenaka is the fifth generation woodblock printer, woodblock print artist, and representative director and creative director of Takesasado.

Kenji Takenaka was taught by Seihachi Takenaka, the current head of the Takenaka Woodblock Printing Company, from an early age, and learned woodblock printing techniques as a printer. His skill was recognized and he was named the fifth generation.
He established “Takezasado” to promote and popularize woodblock printing technology. In addition to holding woodblock printing classes across the country, he also holds workshops throughout the United States and conducts research on woodblock printing in France and other countries around the world.

His activities span a wide range of areas, including collaborations with creators from the contemporary art scene and producing events for major companies.
He himself has created numerous works as a woodblock print artist, and his style, which skillfully manipulates colors, has received high praise from overseas, and he is one of the few contemporary woodblock print artists whose works are in the collections of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Honolulu Museum of Art. be.